About Soubar

This collection was founded by Mr. Asghar Andalib in 1966 AD (1345 AH) when he started his business in the field of buying and selling spices and agricultural products, and gradually developed it and exported and imported all spices items. They also added dried fruit, grains, beans, coffee and confectionery ingredients to their shopping basket.
In 2019 (1397 AH) this group has made its activities more specialized and efficient with the establishment of Sorin Tejarat Arman Behin company.
Using the experience of more than half a century and mastering the market, this group plans to further expand its activities in the field of medicinal plants.
As a part of its responsibilities and obligations, this company has designed safety and quality sustainability in its production processes and made it the top of its program.
Interaction with knowledge-based companies is one of the most important goals of the company in achieving entry into global markets and competing with its competitors in accordance with modern science.

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