Ferula assa-foetida is a plant sap native to southern Iran.

Its production is limited to the south of Iran, especially in the region near Lar, which is extracted from the root collar of the plant by cutting the root or bottom of the stem or cutting the stem of Asafotida productive plants and is obtained in summer and is marketed in two ways.  A very clean species called Asaphotida tear has a reddish-yellow or brownish color and is smooth and clear.  It is the size of a hazelnut, or slightly larger or smaller, or the size of a pea. Its cross-sectional color is white, which oxidizes and darkens rapidly in the presence of air. And another type that is offered in the market is called a mass that is not carefully collected and is mixed with soil, debris and leaves and is bad.  The taste of Asafutida in some species has a bitter taste and smells like garlic, it stinks and it is very spicy. The medicinal organ of this gum plant is gum that is obtained by making cuts in the upper parts of the root and resin, essential oil and gum, ferulic acid and disulfide compounds are among the active ingredients of this plant.The medicinal function of this plant is anti-flatulence and expectorant and is used in the treatment of indigestion or colic related to bloating, bronchitis, cough and neurological disorders.

Genus name


Ayurvedic name


Chinese name

ēwèi, āwèi

Plant type


Collected parts

Gum oleoresin

Main producer

Afghanistan, Iran

Main use

Flavoring, Condiment


Bitter (Ferula pseudalliacea) /Sweet (Ferula assa-foetida)

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