Citric acid

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Citric acid or lemon essence is one of the organic acids found in lemons and oranges.Citric acid can be obtained from all citrus fruits and some vegetables. One of the major producing countries is China.One of the most important properties of citric acid is its acidic sour taste which makes it used as an acidulant.Citric acid is used in the beverage, juice, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, and in addition to flavoring, it also regulates the pH. It is also used as a preservative in many foods and prevents their premature spoilage. This acid is also an antioxidant.One of the easiest ways to produce it is to use Aspergillus niger. Citric acid is produced in the form of crystal powder in two models of “monohydrate (juicy)” and “anhydrous (dry or without water)” and is completely packed in paper bags and multi-layered and sold.

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