Dried lime

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Dried lime, also known as: black lime; noomi basra (Iraq); limoo amani (Iran); and loomi (Oman), is a lime that has lost its water content, usually after having spent a majority of its drying time in the sun.   Its outer shell color is from yellow-brown to black. They are used whole, sliced, or ground, as a spice in Middle Eastern dishes. In Persian cuisine, they are used to flavor stews and soups. Omani lemon fruit is very sour, cooling, appetizing, disinfectant, stomach tonic and effective in relieving the slight side effects of vitamin C. Dried limes are strongly flavored. They taste sour and citrusy like fresh limes, but have an added earthy and somewhat smoky taste and lack the sweetness of fresh limes. The Dried Lime plant is native to South Asia and is also cultivated in the Americas and Latin America. This plant is widely planted in different regions of southern and southeastern Iran such as Bandar Abbas, Minab, Jahrom, Jiroft, Kahnooj and Shiraz.

Scientific name

Citrus aurantifolia

Other names

Black lime, Omani lime

Ayurvedic name

Jambira, Kala Nimbu

Plant type


Harvested parts


Main producer

Mexico, India

Main use

Flavoring, Seasoning, Beverage


Tart with an added earthy and smoky taste

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