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Ginger is a plant native to Southeast Asia and is also one of the first known spices in Western Europe. Although often referred to as “ginger root”, it is actually a rhizome. The rhizome is brown, with the outer layer of cork and the center of the pale yellow scent. Ginger can grow up to 0.6 to 1.2 meters (2 to 4 feet) tall and grow annually. Available in raw form (fresh ginger) and dried roots. Dried ginger is usually chopped or sliced. Gingerol, is the most important ingredient in ginger, which is responsible for the taste of this plant and prevents the growth of cancer cells. India currently has the highest production of ginger in the world, followed by China, Nigeria and Vietnam.

Scientific name

Zingiber officinale

Ayurvedic name

Sunthi, Nagara

TCM name

Gan jiang

Plant type


Harvested parts


Main producer

India, China

Main use

Flavoring, Cosmetic, Perfume


Tangy, Pungent

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