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Barijeh (scientific name: Ferula gummosa) is a plant of the umbrella family. From its root juice is taken an aromatic substance which is called galbanum in European languages and has medicinal uses. This plant grows in the mountainous regions of central and northeastern Iran. Its roots in the ground are like sugar beets and are dark brown in color. Its gum has a pleasant smell and is flammable. It is a gum that produces a yellow, brown, or green color due to a fissure in the plant stem or an insect bite that causes it to harden in the presence of hardened air. The sap of this plant is similar to honeysuckle. galbanum has a very hot and dry nature. Its healing properties include invigorating, anticonvulsant, gastric pain reliever, stomach tonic and superficial wound healing. Milking, antiseptic, uterine tonic and laxative effects have also been reported. Galbanum is an important ingredient in perfume stabilization and is also used in cosmetics.

Scientific name

Ferula gummosa

Persian name


Turkish name


Plant type


Collected parts


Main producer

Iran, Turkey

Main use

Incense, Perfume, Medicinal



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